What Size Tarp Do I Need Calculator

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Published on: September 12, 2023
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Tarp Size Calculator

Tarp Size Calculator

Determining the right size for a tarp can often seem like a puzzle, but with the right tools, it becomes straightforward. A “what size tarp do I need calculator” provides an effective solution to this common question by simplifying the sizing process.

For many, tarps are essential for diverse purposes, be it sheltering during outdoor activities or covering valuable assets. One might wonder about the perfect tarp size to cover a 10×10 canopy or the ideal size for a 2 person shelter. Others might be curious about a roof tarp calculator or the exact dimensions needed to cover a car effectively.

For all these queries, the principle is mostly the same: measure from the top of the object down to where you want the tarp to drape, double this number, and then add it to the length and width measurements. For instance, if you’re aiming for the tarp to extend 3 feet on all sides, you’d add 6 feet to both the length and width.

Various charts and guidelines can assist, such as a tarp size chart or specifics on tarp sizes in feet. Details about tarpaulin sizes, including width and height, can also be beneficial. For those camping enthusiasts, knowing how big a tarp should be under a tent can make all the difference in ensuring a dry and comfortable experience.

To make your tarp selection process even smoother and more precise, we invite you to read the detailed article below and make use of our specialized calculator.

The Science Behind Tarp Sizing

Ever been to a tailor? You go in, get your measurements, and walk out confident that your outfit will fit just right. Tarps work the same way. If you pick one too small, it’s like trying to wear pants that are three sizes too tight. Too big? Well, ever tried wearing your dad’s oversized jacket as a kid? Accurate tarp measurements ensure your belongings are snugly protected, no matter the weather.

the science behind tarp sizing

A Deep Look into Tarp Materials and Their Sizes

So, you know when you’re shopping for a new shirt and you’re torn between cotton and polyester? The same dilemma happens with tarps. Different materials cater to varied needs. Some are tough, ready to brace any storm, while others are lighter, perfect for that sunny picnic day. Knowing your materials is half the battle. And, like clothes, tarps come in a myriad of sizes. Finding your fit is a game-changer.

Using the Tarp Calculator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Remember the first time you tried making a smoothie without a recipe? Total disaster, right? Thankfully, our tarp calculator is here to save the day. It’s like having your grandma guiding you through her secret pie recipe. Start with the length and width of what you’re covering, and let the calculator do its magic. It’s pie-making, without the mess!

Real-World Applications: Tarp Uses and Sizing

Think of tarps as the Swiss Army knife of covers. Need to cover that boat for winter? There’s a tarp for that. Planning a backyard barbecue and the forecast says rain? A tarp has got your back. From shielding your vehicle from the elements to providing an impromptu shade during a beach trip, the right-sized tarp is your ticket to peace of mind.

Common Objects and Their Ideal Tarp Sizes

ObjectIdeal Tarp Size (L x W in feet)
Small Tent8 x 8
Large Event Canopy20 x 20
Compact Car14 x 8
Pickup Truck22 x 10

Expert Tips for Ensuring Tarp Longevity

Did you know a well-maintained tarp can last years? It’s like caring for a cherished pair of shoes. With a little love and attention, they can be with you for the long haul. So, just as you’d polish those shoes or replace the laces, making sure your tarp is the right size, cleaned, and stored correctly can drastically increase its lifespan. And trust me, your pocketbook will thank you!

Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring for Tarps

Okay, picture this: you’re excited about hosting a barbecue. You measure your backyard, order a tarp, but whoops – it’s either too small, leaving your guests drenched, or so large that it looks like you’re setting up a circus tent. Sounds fun? Not so much. Like forgetting to preheat the oven, missing out on precise measurements can lead to such comedy of errors.

Tarp Size Adjustments Based on Use Case

Use CaseSize Adjustment (in feet)
Ground Tarps (for Camping)+3
Covering Furniture+4


Can a Tarp Be Larger Than a Tent?

Yes, a tarp can be larger than a tent. In fact, many recommend getting a tarp slightly larger than the tent’s dimensions to ensure full coverage and added protection against ground moisture or overhead elements.

What Is the Average Cost to Tarp a Roof?

The cost to tarp a roof can vary based on the size of the roof and labor costs. On average, you might expect to pay between $200 to $500, but it’s always best to get a local estimate for accurate pricing.

Are Tarp Sizes Available in Inches?

Absolutely! While many tarps are measured in feet for larger coverage, they can also be sized and measured in inches, especially for smaller or custom applications.

Why Should You Place a Tarp Under Your Tent?

Placing a tarp under your tent acts as a protective barrier, preventing moisture from seeping in. It also helps protect the tent floor from sharp objects, abrasions, and general wear and tear.

How Are Tarps Measured?

Tarps are typically measured by their length and width, resulting in a dimension like 8×10 feet. Always ensure you’re measuring from one end to the other, including the grommets or loops.

What Size Tarp Is Needed to Cover a Car?

The size of the tarp required to cover a car depends on the car’s dimensions. On average, a compact car might need a tarp of around 14×8 feet, but always measure your vehicle first for the best fit.

How Do You Measure Tarp Size?

To measure a tarp, lay it flat on the ground and measure its longest side for length and its widest side for width. Always include any additional material or grommets in your measurements to get the full size.

Getting the right tarp size isn’t rocket science, but it sure is an art. With the right tools, like our handy calculator, and a pinch of knowledge, you can ensure whatever you’re covering stays protected. So next time you’re gearing up for an outdoor adventure or just looking to cover up for the rainy season, remember: get the size right, treat your tarp well, and it’ll serve you faithfully. Happy covering!

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